Tariff Tip: Dulcolax Tablets

Q. A patient has come into the pharmacy with a prescription for ‘Dulco-Lax tablets’ can I dispense them?

A.  No, the prescription would need to be amended to either Dulcolax 5mg gastro-resistant tablets or to the generic Bisacodyl 5mg gastro-resistant tablets (which are found in part IIIVA) of the England and Wales Drug Tariff (April).

‘Dulco-lax Tablets’ are included in part XVIIIA (the black list) and consequently contractors dispensing prescriptions requesting Dulco-Lax will not be remunerated.

Pharmacy contractors can supply Dulcolax 5mg gastro-resistant tablets against a prescription requesting the gastro-resistant tablets. The prescriber must include gastro-resistant in the product description to allow the branded product to be supplied.

Prescriptions could be written generically as Bisacodyl 5mg gastro-resistant tablets to avoid ambiguity and ensure accurate remuneration.

 ‘Dulco-lax Tablets’ are not eligible for supply in Scotland or Northern Ireland as they are listed in the Scottish Tariff schedule 1, and part XI of the Northern Ireland XI tariff respectively.

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