Q: I have received a prescription for Doxepin 50mg (28) capsules which are currently out of stock at my wholesalers. I can obtain them elsewhere above tariff price.

Doxepin 25mg capsules are readily available at an equivalent price to the Drug Tariff remuneration for 28 x 50mg. So can I dispense 56 x 25mg capsules instead?

A: No, reimbursement is based on quantity and also strength. In this situation PC (Prescriber contacted) endorsement cannot be applied.

However, if the pharmacist believes that to ‘double up’ would be the best clinical option for the patient to ensure continuity of treatment, the prescriber should be contacted for his opinion.

The prescription would need to be amended to permit the supply of 56 x 25mg capsules and to ensure correct reimbursement for the script.

This tariff tip is applicable to all UK areas.

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