Tariff Tip :Donning and Doffing aids

Q: Is there a Donning and Doffing Aid allowed on NHS prescription?

A: Donning and doffing is not a term used very often in modern day pharmacy but you may still receive a prescription that asks for a donning and doffing aid as they are still widely used.

Donning and doffing aids are devices used to help a patient with their compression garments, such as stockings and armsleeves that can be difficult to put on or remove; donning (to put on) and doffing (to remove).

There are a number of appliances allowed on prescription that can help your patients don or doff their garments. They are listed under Elastic Hosiery; Accessories.

The desired item should be prescribed by brand name.

  • Acti-Glide
  • Arm Butler
  • Easy-Slide (application aid for open toe stockings)
  • EZY-As compression hosiery applicator
  • EZY-As compression hosiery applicator handles
  • Foot Butler
  • GUS Comfort
  • Juzo Easy Fit
  • Magnide
  • Mediven 2 in 1
  • Sockaid

The above items are found in Tariff parts:

  • England and Wales Tariff - IXA Appliances
  • Scotland Tariff - Part 4 Elastic Hosiery
  • Northern Ireland Tariff - Part III Appliances

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