Tariff Tip : Denela 5% cream and dressing

Q: The local doctor has asked whether he can prescribe Denela 5% cream and dressing pack (1 x 5g + 2 dressings). The doctor is concerned that the dressings would be classed as an appliance and are not listed in the Drug Tariff, are they allowed?


Packshot 5pc Tube And Dressing

A: In this case yes. This is because Denela is classified as a P line (pharmacy only) and consequently does not have to be listed in the Drug Tariff to be supplied on an NHS prescription.

Any medicine designated as a P line can be supplied on an NHS prescription provided it is not included in Part XVIIIA of the Drug Tariff (the black list).

If the patient has to pay a prescription levy for the item they would only have to pay one prescription charge and the contractor would claim one professional fee for this item.

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