Q. I have received a prescription for ciprofloxacin 0.3% eye drops to be used in the ear. The PMR is advising me that there is now a licensed ciprofloxacin ear drop that can be dispensed?

A. Cetraxal, ciprofloxacin 2mg/ml ear drops 0.25ml unit dose preservative free ear drops, was launched in January 2018. Cetraxal is the first licensed ciprofloxacin only topical treatment for Acute Otitis Externa (AOE) available in the United Kingdom.

Cetraxal is licensed for the treatment of acute otitis externa in adults and children over 1 year old with an intact tympanic membrane.

The entire contents of a single ampoule are administered twice daily. The single dose ampoules eliminate the need to count the number of drops administered.                    

Cetraxal ear drops are steroid and preservative-free, and do not contain any of the excipients commonly associated with skin irritation making it a good treatment option for paediatric patients.

Prescriptions requesting ciprofloxacin 3% eye drops for aural use would need to be rewritten as “Ciprofloxacin 2mg/ml ear drops 0.25ml unit dose preservative free” to allow supply of the licensed product Cetraxal.

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