Q: I have received a prescription for Carbomer '980' 0.2% eye drops 10g; can I give an eye gel product?

A: Yes you can dispense products described as Carbomer eye gels as the generic descriptions for these products on the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices are the same: Carbomer '980' 0.2% eye drops 10g. 

Please note that this Tariff Tip does NOT apply to Carbomer '980' 0.2% eye drops 0.6ml unit dose preservative free.

Generic Description Brands & Generics listed on the Dictionary of DMD
Carbomer '980' 0.2% eye drops 10g         Artelac Nighttime 0.2% eye gel
Carbomer '980' 0.2% eye drops
Carbomer 0.2% eye gel
Clinitas Carbomer 0.2% eye gel
EyeGel 0.2% eye gel
GelTears 0.2% gel
Lumecare Carbomer 0.2% eye gel
Viscotears 2mg/g liquid gel
Xailin 0.2% eye gel

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