Tariff Tip : Build-up

Q: I have received a prescription for Build-up Soup 49g x 4, can I dispense it? Is it blacklisted?

A: Build-up is found in the Black list, however you may dispense it and you will get reimbursed provided it is written correctly, for the following reason:

The listing for Build-up in the England and Wales Drug Tariff Part XVIIIA (the Black list) is shown as:

“Build-up (Nestle Health Care)”

However Build-up soup 49g and shake 38g are listed in the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices as being made by Nestle Health Science.

Therefore, as long as Nestle Health Science is stated on the prescription then it will be passed for payment. This is a loophole in the tariff as it has never been amended following a change in company name.

Prescriptions will not be reimbursed if they state Nestle Health Care or do not specify any manufacturer. This applies to prescriptions for Build-up soups and shakes.

This is the same for all regional Tariffs as listed below:

  • England & Wales Drug Tariff: Part XVIIIA – Build-up (Nestle Health Care).
  • Scotland Drug Tariff: Part 12C– Schedule 1 to GMS Regulations it is listed as Build-Up (Nestle Health Care).
  • Northern Ireland Drug Tariff :    Part XI (a) – Drugs and Other Substances Not to Be Prescribed Under Health Services Pharmaceutical Services: Build-up (Nestle Health Care).

For more information about the blacklist see our "Understanding the Drug Tariff"  CPD article.