Q: I have received a prescription for AproDerm cream. Is this allowed?

A. AproDerm cream has been renamed AproDerm Emollient cream. It is classed as appliance (Emollient and Barrier preparations) in the Drug Tariff.

The rules state that as long as the previous name is also listed alongside its new name in part IXA section of the England and Wales Tariff, the item is allowed under either description.

On 1 August, AproDerm extended its range in the Drug Tariff to include AproDerm gel 100g and 500g. The AproDerm range covers such skin conditions as psoriasis, eczema and dry skin, and those who require a daily moisturiser or a prebathing emollient. It is also suitable for use from birth.

Product listed in Drug TariffPack Sizes England and WalesNorthern Ireland
AproDerm Emollient Cream (formerly AproDerm Cream) 50g 500g pump Y  Y
AproDerm Gel NEW 100g 500g  Y
AproDerm Colloidal Oat Cream 100ml 500ml pump  Y

AproDerm Emollient gel and creams, soothe, moisturise and protect skin and can be used by those that are sensitive to halogens, colours or fragrances Provide symptomatic relief for dry, red and inflamed skin. It can also be used for patients who are sensitive to SLS (sodium Lauryl sulfate) Parabens and also colour free.

For more information about the AproDerm range, you can visit the AproDerm website, email info@aproderm.com or call 0121 661 4615.

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