Q. I have received a prescription for Accel-Heal 6 units, what is it and is it allowed on prescription?

A. Accel-heal is a medical device that is newly listed in certain UK Drug Tariffs. It is therefore allowed on NHS prescription (except in Northern Ireland).

Accel-Heal® is a medical device that delivers low-level ES therapy (Electrical muscle stimulation) used in the management of non-healing chronic wounds.

Each unit comprises a single-use, disposable current generator that is applied using a pair of disposable electrodes. It is a 12 day treatment course consisting of six, battery powered, 48 hour single use units, applied consecutively.

It is used in patients with complex wounds such as the treatment of venous leg ulcers. At this current time the Drug Tariff reimbursement cost is £240.00.

Accel-Heal® is found in the following sections of the tariffs:
The England and Wales Tariff Park IXA Appliances. 
The Scotland Drug Tariff Part Three Appliances & Northern Ireland Tariff Part III list of Appliances

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