Q: I am having trouble obtaining Abbott Thin lancets for a patient. Is there a supply issue with this product?

A: Yes. Abbott have confirmed that their ‘Thin lancets’ were discontinued in February 2016.

The only lancet now available from Abbott is the FreeStyle® Lancet.

PIP CodeProductSizeQuantity
354-9847 Freestyle® Box 0.5mm/28 gauge 200

For more information call Abbott Diabetes on 0500 467466.

For patients who require a thin lancet there are a number of other products available on prescription. Although most lancets are a universal type which should fit all lancing devices, we cannot guarantee compatibility. 

PIP CodeProductSizeQuantity
342-0601 AgaMatrix™ Ultra-Thin lancets 0.2mm/33gauge 200
368-2184 BGStar ™Ultra-Thin lancets 0.2mm/33gauge 100
385-6366 SylkFeel™ Ultra-Thin lancets 0.2mm/33gauge 100

The above lancets are listed in all the UK Tariffs

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