Always refer to the HLP Framework to ensure you are meeting the elements. The below is a guide to tools and resources that Numark have available to you to help you achieve the Environment enabler. 

The resources available below are suggestions and are not an exhaustive list, so if you have other evidence to meet a particular element of the framework, use it, if appropriate. 



Tools and Support


Set up a Health Promotion Zone (HPZ) in your pharmacy.

Tip: Don’t forget to take photographs of your health promotion zone and retain in your evidence portfolio.

Download our guide to: Setting up a health promotion zone or watch our video.

Visit our Health promotion library filled with guidances and resources to support your health champion build effective campaigns from scratch.


Distance Selling Pharmacies (DSPs) information.

DSPs must have a customer facing website featuring an interactive page containing a reasonable range of up to date materials promoting healthy lifestyles by making positive changes. DSPs much be compliant with this requirement from the 1st April 2021. Take a look at our guidance of setting up your website and getting further support: 


Campaign information.



You must participate in the six Mandated health campaigns every year as part 

Take a look at our ever growing calendar of national awareness dates which you can participate in (and link to local health needs) outside of the mandated campaigns.

Visit the Numark Training platform to access Counter Excellence modules to support you deliver services that you can link to when engaging with customers from the health promotion zone angle.


Plan ahead with your campaigns using the Health promotion planner


The health and wellbeing information available appeals to a wide range of the public e.g. learning difficulties, ethnic minorities, young people, mothers, people with long term conditions etc.

Take a look at the Resource library linking to national charities to obtain resources and fundraising materials (optional). 

Download a template to keep a record of your hpz being checked and updated.





Evidence outcomes from your health promotion activity.



DSPs - take a look the template to support your record your outcomes from your health promotions.

Bricks and mortar pharmacies can record their health promotion activity by logging it on the Health promotion summary.

Counter Excellence module for Engaging With Patients


Order your recyclable materials to evidence the pharmacy contributes to a sustainable environement and this shows in the way the business operates.

You can purchase recycling bins at a discounted rate through Lyreco via our ED scheme.

See Lyreco product listings


The pharmacy premises must have a consultation room (other than DSPs)


You can purchase office equipment such as PCs, internet, printers, cartridges and tables and chairs etc. See our eShop listings

Understanding GDPR & Data Protection

Evidence template for consultation rooms.

Note for DSPs: there is no requirement of the Terms of Service to install a consultation room at your premises. You must however, ensure you make arragements to help your staff and customers to communicate confidentially via telephone and audio/video links.