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Numark Dementia Friends: Case study

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

On the 6th of January at the Numark pharmacy sales conference, our services facilitator and expert in HLP, Hina Prajapati, led two training sessions with 20 of our sales team to enable them to become Dementia Friends.

 The PDMs were trained on;

  • What is Dementia Friends?
  • The five key messages.
  • How Dementia affects someone.
  • Learning how the right support and understanding can help people with dementia to live well.
  • Turning understanding into an action.

The training sessions were informative and enjoyed by all who took part.

Hina Prajapati said;

 “The training was well received by the sales team who were positive, engaging and had a great interest in the topic. Each individual who attended became a Dementia Friend so in total we made 20 Dementia Friends. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know the teams on the ground better, and highlight the support available to members in becoming Dementia Friends so that they can take this information back to their members and show them how easy it is to become a Dementia Friend.”

Wayne Harrison, Regional Sales Manager said;

"The team were very keen to carry out the training session, not only to gain a better understanding of how members complete this part of the quality payment criteria, but more importantly, to gain a better understand of the condition and how it impacts on those 800,000+ living with the Dementia the UK.

 It’s fair to say that the whole team took a lot of real positives, in what was a very emotive and thought provoking session. The session will enable them to support and advise members on what is involved in the training and what it means to become a Dementia Friend.

 The team are all fiercely proud of the fact they have become Dementia Friends and have all implemented a “what they will do differently” pledge following on from the session. We are now looking forward to putting these learnings into practice, both with members, employees and friends and family."