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Fight for fairer funding

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The frontline role of community pharmacy in fighting the current COVID-19 outbreak has been recognised at the highest levels including fulsome praise from The Prime Minister and many others.

We need to ensure that every politician understands and appreciates our critical role as the third pillar in our national healthcare service alongside GP surgeries and A&E departments. We are a local community healthcare asset worth investing in, because, as the COVID-19 outbreak has proven, we make a huge difference to people’s lives and wellbeing.

We urge you to contact your local MP; ensure they understand the role we are playing and why we are important local healthcare hubs; and make the case for short and long-term investment in community pharmacy after years of funding austerity.

We've taken the liberty of composing a suggested letter, but please do personalise it and provide examples of what funding austerity means in practice for you. If you do not know who your local MP is you can find out here:

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