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Numark Classic Golf Rules

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  1. The competition is open to NUMARK members only.  NUMARK and PHOENIX employees are also eligible, as agreed by the organisers, as guests but not to compete to qualify for the final.  Additional guests may be invited to the regional qualifying events, as agreed by the organisers, but will not qualify for the final or prizes on the day.

  2. Application to enter an event is by online registration only.  Completion of the online booking form does not guarantee a place.  The organiser will contact you in due course to confirm your place.

  3. Players may only qualify for the final if competing at their nearest regional event.  This decision is made by the organisers based on the location of your Numark pharmacy.  Players wishing to play at other venues may be accepted, subject to availability, but priority will be given to players for whom it is the closest venue to their pharmacy.

  4. The competition is Stableford, 9/10th of full handicap.  Maximum handicap is 28 for Ladies and 24 for Gentlemen.  Players with a higher handicap must play off this maximum allowable handicap.

  5. Players must have a current CONGU certificate of handicap, signed by a bona fide golf club secretary and competitors will not be allowed to compete in the qualifying rounds unless they provide a copy of their current certificate of handicap prior to the day of play. Should the player be unable to produce his/her certificate of handicap prior to the day, they will not be allowed to compete for any prizes or qualify for the finals.

  6. If a player is a member of a pharmacy golf society and their society handicap is lower than their official club one, they will play in the qualifiers off the lower handicap. Organisers will check with the secretaries of all the pharmacy golf societies to validate anyone’s handicap.

  7.  Current handicap certificates will also have to be produced in order for qualifiers to compete in the final and copies of these must be lodged with the organisers by 1st August this year.

  8. Competitors for the final will be selected on the scores gained in the regional events, but decision on the numbers qualifying from each regional event for the final will be made by the organisers of the competition and their decision in all matters will be final. 

  9. Should there be insufficient entries to justify the booking of any venue, the organisers reserve the right to cancel that booking and offer competitors the opportunity of competing at the nearest alternative venue, assuming space is available. 

  10. The organisers reserve the right to alter the rules of play at any time and these will be notified to players wherever possible on the day of the competition.

  11. All players must hold third party insurance (cover is often offered in household insurance policies. The organisers and sponsors will not be responsible for any claims arising from competitors taking part in the competition (or being excluded for any reason).

  12. Any competitor playing on his/her own course will have their handicap reduced by one point.

  13. Finalists will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs unless the organisers decide otherwise. This will be confirmed at each qualifier by when the venue for the finals has been finalized.

  14. All golfers will be bound by the Rules of Golf throughout the competition.