Sue Swift – UK Drug Tariff and Information Technician


As Information Technician, Sue uses her extensive knowledge of the pharmacy industry to the advantage of our callers.

She started her career at Boots, before completing a fine art degree and after working for a private doctor’s practice she returned to pharmacy. Sue served over 25 years at Lloyds, including over 10 years in store working in the dispensary before joining Numark.

Sue thrives on queries relating to the Drug Tariff and is a specialist on all the Drug Tariffs from England, Wales, Scotland, Guernsey and Northern Ireland and writes our weekly Drug Tariff Tips. She enjoys queries on endorsing, items fees, levies for MTM garments and has a vast knowledge of the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d).

Jacquie Lee – Information Pharmacist
Jacquie Lee

Jacquie started her career in pharmacy over 30 years ago, training with one of the large multiples. She then spent many years as a pharmacy manager of a health centre branch of a small family owned group based in Birmingham. During that time she completed a postgraduate clinical diploma in community pharmacy at Keele University.

More recently before joining Numark, Jacquie worked for a local NHSCommissioning Support Group as a Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist conducting primary care prescribing rationalisation projects.

Since starting at Numark at the beginning of 2018, Jacquie has taken over auditing the Travel Information pages on NumarkNet, writing travel related articles and is working on future projects including Information Governance and HR documents.